Essence: BOD provides its clients with a design service ranging from basic building design and consultation to detailed design development. Each design is uniquely created to satisfy their client’s every need. Whether the design goal is spiritual, luxurious, or industrial, BOD prides itself in creating a design that is catered to their client’s vision, personality, and lifestyle.

Environmental: In addition to satisfying the client’s project objectives, BOD is also committed to design structures that are responsive to the environment. The design team works diligently with their clients to create high performance buildings with an integrated environmental sustainability such as:

  • Energy conserving design
  • Use of renewable resources
  • Human Comfort and interior air quality
  • Alternative Energy design

Efficiency: BOD’s work encompasses a diverse collection of projects that require more than just technical expertise. It requires added value and delivered performance to its designs. In doing so, BOD has created a comprehensive building and planning service that is clear and concise. While maintaining the clientele’s specific project requirements, BOD will work assiduously to make all construction costs, building maintenance, and energy usage as efficient as possible.


BOD’s interior design team creates designs that incorporate and reflect its client’s characteristics and passion. BOD is dedicated to a wide variety of services, from space planning and consulting to the acquisition of art and fine home furnishings. Their clienteles are partners in a transparent and fully accountable process. It is BOD’s joy in fostering long-term relationships as well as establishing new clients.

BOD services are, but not limited to:

  • Concept Development
  • Presentation Materials
  • Design Development
  • Purchasing
  • Installation
  • Various Event Designs
  • 3D Modeling


All drafts and designs are conducted by BOD’s staffed professionals specialized in this field. All designs are provided with clear and precise drafts in a timely manner.

Construction Documents: BOD works closely with various professionals who specialize in differing construction related documents, such as, but not limited to:

  • Land Surevying
  • Soil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering
  • Energy, Green Building, LEED and Building performance analyst
  • Landscaping  Design

Permit Process: BOD’s knowledge of the jurisdictional ordinances and regulations allows their trained team to assist home owners, builders, investors, and its fellow designers in obtaining permits for their projects in the most efficent and cost effective manner.


BOD’s indepth experiences of working with realtors, investors, lenders, contractors, and vendors enables them to provide precise consultation and management for each development projects. This service will include, but not limited to:

  • Locating a Property/Land
  • Design
  • Permit Process
  • Attaining Construction Loan or Co-Investment
  • Build & Construction Supervision
  • Investment Analysis and Sales