It’s that time of the year. A time where flowers blossom, birds sing their love songs, and well…when the beautiful spring collections arrive to a store near you. Whether it’s your love for fashion, design, or all things beautiful…this year is the year for you. No matter where you look, one of this years go to design for your home or your closet is BIG BOLD FLORAL designs. Your inspiration?!? Your very own backyard! or maybe your neighbors! or your local garden! I know…I know, you think “…but floral prints remind me of my grandmother.” But I say, here here my good fellow, floral prints are no longer the thing of the past, but of the future. One must embrace the big bubbly colors with open arms. Floral prints can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. So…when visiting the local farmers market, do buy big beautiful arrays of various flowers to brighten a room. Perhaps an areal rug, a vase or two, or even a couple of accent pillows to add some umph. If you care to be daring, try some dangerously delicious wallpaper sectioning a great room to give an elegant private area of its own. So, whatever you are modern, classic, french, or contemporary (just to name a few)…you can always incorporate this beautiful trend in your very home. Rule of thumb: bold colors and florals are a big thing for Spring of 2012.